Sunday, 11 June 2017


With over 40,000+ marketers using EasyVSL to create high-converting 
videos, it’s become the standard for creating videos FAST, that flat-out 
turn to profit.

If you’re new to EasyVSL, their flagship “creation wizard” helps you…

Instantly transform a video script into a powerpoint-style presentation in 
seconds Sync your voice-over with your slides, correctly the 1st time 
(without using 2 or 3 other apps)

You can have a high-converting, video sales letter ready in literally minutes.

Plus, in version 3.0, they’ve added a number of killer features:

[+] Kinetic Animation:  Create “kinetic-style” or animation typography 
videos using one of the 10 pre-designed kinetic themes.

[+] Import Keynote/Powerpoint: Their biggest feature request is now 
available.  Import any existing keynote or powerpoint presentation into EasyVSL.

[+] Image Library/YouZign Integration: Now you can search over 
1,000,000 royalty free images/graphics to add directly into your EasyVSL videos.

[+] Sound Effect Transitions: Now you can add sounds effects to 
your slide and text transitions to help grab the viewers attention.

[+] Speech Recognition: Now you don’t even have to manually sync your 
slides with your voice.  Just push the button and watch EasyVSL sync your 
voice with your slides.

In addition, enhancements have been made to the following features…
[+] Easier Script to Slide Creation
[+] Even More Slide Templates
[+] More Fonts (use your local PC/Mac fonts)
[+] Drag and Drop Existing Video Clips
[+] More Accurate Speech-to-Text Detection
[+] Additional Text-to-Speech Voices/Languages
[+] Up to 30+ Languages to Translate Your Videos
[+] Additional Quick Key Shortcuts
…and so much more!


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