Friday 30 June 2017

Swear in

Nguồn tin:
Take an oath to hold a public office
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Swear off

Nguồn tin:
Decide to stop doing something, usually something harmful
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Monday 26 June 2017

043 – Real English conversations: Lori scores a year’s supply of toilet paper (archive)

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A funny thing happened today when Lori was shopping for office supplies, and it involves an industrial-sized package of toilet paper rolls.

The post 043 – Real English conversations: Lori scores a year’s supply of toilet paper (archive) appeared first on Better at English. © 2017 Lori Linstruth

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043 – Lori Scores a year’s supply of toilet paper – Transcript

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This is the free downloadable transcript for the Real English Conversations episode from Better at English. Download the transcript to read along as you listen. The transcript also contains a study guide with vocabulary definitions and English usage notes.

The post 043 – Lori Scores a year’s supply of toilet paper – Transcript appeared first on Better at English. © 2017 Lori Linstruth

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Wednesday 21 June 2017

Clock out

Nguồn tin:
Record the time you leave work
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Clock off

Nguồn tin:
Record the time you leave work
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Clock up

Nguồn tin:
Win, score or achieve results
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Clock in

Nguồn tin:
Record the time of arriving at work on a machine
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Clock on

Nguồn tin:
Record the time of arriving at work on a machine
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Turn back the clock

Nguồn tin:

If you turn back the clock, you try to recreate something from the past.

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Sunday 18 June 2017

Toy around with

Nguồn tin:
Treat or deal with something without taking it seriously
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Sunday 11 June 2017

Get the Most from Your ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is process management software for business. It integrates the important functions of running a business into a single system: inventory management, HR, customer relationship administration, order management, accounting and more. A great ERP system can streamline your business, organizing it into one comprehensive system.

What Should Your ERP Do for You?

There isn't a "one size fits all" type of ERP. Sure, some may claim their software can do everything for every business, but you'd be wise to do some research on that claim before buying into it.

Generally speaking, there are some basic tasks that an ERP system should do for your business. We've listed the main features of an excellent ERP here.

Integration of Financial Information

A CEO must understand how the company is performing overall and needs accurate information to do that. Different departments within a business tend to get competitive, and this rivalry can lead to a bit of "poetic license" in the department's evaluation of itself. A good ERP means everyone is using the same system, following the same protocols for reporting, and thus the CEO gets data that isn't embellished.

Integration of customer order information: An effective ERP system keeps order information in one continuous data line. From the placing of the order to the customer service rep processing it to the loading dock shipping it out to finance sending an invoice: All this information in one software system lets you track orders more effectively. You can coordinate manufacturing, inventory and shipping between different location simultaneously.

Standardize and speed up manufacturing: An ERP system can provide standardized methods for automating steps in the manufacturing process. By standardizing these steps and using one integrated system, you'll save time, increase productivity and reduce overhead cost.

Increase sales and reduce inventory: When the manufacturing process flows more smoothly, deliveries can be better planned, reducing the on-hand inventory in warehouses and decluttering your shipping docks.

Uniform HR information: If you have multiple business units, this feature is especially important. When your HR information is not unified, you can have trouble tracking employees' time and communicating with them about services and benefits. And when employees question the competency of the HR department to treat them fairly, your workforce morale can suffer dramatically.

Top Features in an Effective ERP System

The top ERP systems all have a few things in common. Here we've made a quick checklist of what tops the list. Feel free to check your software's capabilities against it.

Mobile functionality: You must have a mobile app.

Manufacturing: Business should have effective inventory management, report information critical to inventory, streamline production and improve production cycles.

Financial management: Your company can't risk missing a payment or overlooking accounting details when regulatory requirements and financial filings are so closely scrutinized.

Human capital management: Give your HR department a break with this feature.

Supply chain management: Make sure you're monitoring demand, supply, status of manufacturing, logistics and product distribution at the speed of cyberspace.

Project management: Take the guesswork out of project-related activities.

Customer relationship management: Help your salespeople and marketing planners address your customer needs and buying preferences better.

Solution Architect San Ramon, and San Francisco, CA

Analyze and work with Business partners on Requirements to develop architecture solutions for Cash Management Solutions
Researches, evaluates, and remains current on relevant and emerging tools, techniques and technologies within the IT
Due to the technical nature of this role we require our Solutions Architect to have strong hands-on implementation skills in contemporary
technologies and methodologies and be comfortable working at a highly detailed level in a complex technical environment.
Create and develop Software Architecture Documents
Present the Architecture recommendations/documents to Executives  and Enterprise Architects
Develop the solutions to meet Business Requirements
Work with Quality assurance team to resolve all the defects identified
Proactively lead vendors and engineers to deliver high quality products with minimal defects.
Integrate complex web, middleware, and back end systems
Ensure projects are realistic, interesting, and fun for everyone involved
Minimum of 7 years of experience as a Technology Solutions Architect
Bachelor’s degree in related information technology field
Experience with architecting and developing solutions for highly scalable, highly available systems
Experience in architecting multi-tiered solutions based on architectural best practices
Experience with service oriented architecture (SOA), Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) technology and other middleware technologies
Experience with web solution architectures
Strong strategic thinker with an ability to communicate your vision
Creative thinking and approach, essential to collaboration with BOW customers, product groups and account management to determine solutions that further
the business and align with business plans and technology strategies
Outstanding analytical skills; able to critically evaluate the information gathered from multiple sources
Strong facilitation and listening skills
Ability to represent technical and business issues and solutions to multiple levels internally and externally to support strategic organizational plans
Highly effective written, verbal and presentation skills
Interpersonal skills that lend themselves to effectively negotiating priorities and resolving conflicts among project stakeholders
Excellent architecture documentation and modeling skills
Strong software development, design and application architecture skills
Significant Retail Banking experience
Own and deliver the following planning phase deliverables
Software Architecture
Iteration Plan for execution
Integration plan  with all dependent systems
Own and deliver the following Design phase deliverables
High L evel design
Migration Plan
Collaborating with BOTW business and technology to complete the following (In planning and execution)
Requirements Catalogue
Nonfunctional specification including Environment Plan and design
Staffing / Resource Plan
Execution Plan
Refined estimates and timelines
Backlog for 1st iterations
Testing Strategy including automation
CI/ CD strategy for Finacle


With over 40,000+ marketers using EasyVSL to create high-converting 
videos, it’s become the standard for creating videos FAST, that flat-out 
turn to profit.

If you’re new to EasyVSL, their flagship “creation wizard” helps you…

Instantly transform a video script into a powerpoint-style presentation in 
seconds Sync your voice-over with your slides, correctly the 1st time 
(without using 2 or 3 other apps)

You can have a high-converting, video sales letter ready in literally minutes.

Plus, in version 3.0, they’ve added a number of killer features:

[+] Kinetic Animation:  Create “kinetic-style” or animation typography 
videos using one of the 10 pre-designed kinetic themes.

[+] Import Keynote/Powerpoint: Their biggest feature request is now 
available.  Import any existing keynote or powerpoint presentation into EasyVSL.

[+] Image Library/YouZign Integration: Now you can search over 
1,000,000 royalty free images/graphics to add directly into your EasyVSL videos.

[+] Sound Effect Transitions: Now you can add sounds effects to 
your slide and text transitions to help grab the viewers attention.

[+] Speech Recognition: Now you don’t even have to manually sync your 
slides with your voice.  Just push the button and watch EasyVSL sync your 
voice with your slides.

In addition, enhancements have been made to the following features…
[+] Easier Script to Slide Creation
[+] Even More Slide Templates
[+] More Fonts (use your local PC/Mac fonts)
[+] Drag and Drop Existing Video Clips
[+] More Accurate Speech-to-Text Detection
[+] Additional Text-to-Speech Voices/Languages
[+] Up to 30+ Languages to Translate Your Videos
[+] Additional Quick Key Shortcuts
…and so much more!

The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle May Finally Be Solved


Article Image

One of life’s great mysteries, the Bermuda Triangle might have finally found an explanation. This strange region, that lies in the North Atlantic Ocean between Bermuda, Miami and San Juan, Puerto Rico, has been the presumed cause of dozens and dozens of mind-boggling disappearances of ships and planes.

The Bermuda Triangle lore includes such stories as that of Flight 19, a group of 5 U.S. torpedo bombers that vani10shed in the Triangle in 1945. A rescue plane sent to look for them also disappeared. Other stories include the mystery of USS Cyclops, resulting in the largest non-combat loss of life in U.S. Navy’s history. The ship with a crew of 309 went missing in 1918. Even as recently as 2015, El Faro, a cargo ship with 33 on board vanished in the area.

Altogether, as far as we know, 75 planes and hundreds of ships met their demise in the Bermuda Triangle.1 Possible causes for the catastrophes have been proposed over time, ranging from the paranormal, electromagnetic interference that causes compass problems, bad weather, the gulf stream, and large undersea fields of methane.

Now, a new theory has been proposed by meteorologists that claims that the reason for the mysteries pervading the Bermuda Triangle area are unusual hexagonal clouds creating 170 mph air bombs full of wind. These air pockets cause all the mischief, sinking ships and downing planes.

hexagonal clouds

Photo credit: Science Channel.

By studying imagery from a NASA satellite, the scientists concluded that some of these clouds reach 20 to 55 miles across. Waves inside these wind monsters can reach as high as 45 feet. What’s more - the clouds have straight edges.

As told by Colorado State University’s satellite meteorologist Dr. Steve Miller to Science Channel’s “What on Earth”: “You don’t typically see straight edges with clouds. Most of the time, clouds are random in their distribution."

What’s special about that?

Meteorologist Randy Cerveny added: “The satellite imagery is really bizarre… These types of hexagonal shapes over the ocean are in essence air bombs. They are formed by what are called microbursts and they’re blasts of air that come down out of the bottom of a cloud and then hit the ocean and then create waves that can sometimes be massive in size as they start to interact with each other.”

Anything caught inside one of these air bombs could be very well knocked out of the air, flipped over, sunk. More observation is needed to confirm this theory that could finally explain many of the infamous Bermuda Triangle events. Scientists are pouring over satellite imagery to confirm.

Thursday 8 June 2017

What will happen if I only eat pizza?


A normal pizza consists of:

  1. The base (either bread or any other flour)
  2. The sauce (it may either be plain tomato puree, or a mix of this and that. There’s no limitations to what can be added in the sauce)
  3. The toppings (again, there’s no limitations to what all can be added as toppings)
  4. CHEESE! (you can have one cheese pizzas or 100 cheese pizzas! YES they exist!)

Ashish Kulkarni :

Eating fast-food like Pizza made by Domino’s, or Pizza hut? You’ll probably be running your way to full blown obesity.

Eating authentic pizza like the Italians make and eat in their homes, totally fine. Might even be pretty healthy.

It all boils down to 2 things:

  • The crust. “Refined wheat flour” crusts will fatten you. Whole wheat, thin crust is pretty healthy.
  • Lots of veggies on top.

Do these 2 things and it can be perfectly normal.

Jacob Bear

I lived in Italy for 3 years and ate pizza practically every day. The rest of my diet was espresso, dark chocolate, and gelato. Never had a problem.

The secret? I always ate pizza topped with vegetables. Peppers, mushrooms, zucchini, and of course lots of tomatoes.

As long as you're getting enough protein and vitamins, you're probably ok eating just about anything.

Iker Chasco Llorente :

You will probably have malnutrition, meaning your body lacks necessary nutrients that it needs for its correct functioning.

Among these nutrients we can have vitamins, minerals and fiber, for example.

Pizza is generally a nutrient poor food, as it is made mostly with white refined flour for the mass and then tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese.

Even if you ate a nutrient rich food like green leaves or other vegetables or fruits, you could not live only on one kind of food, as no single food has all the vitamins and minerals needed by your body.

Therefore, it is best if you eat a varied diet that includes different fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, oils and meat/fish.

Joe Germuska :

In October, 2009, Craig Scharoff, known to the public as Pizza Boy set out to eat only sausage pizza for every meal for a month. His experiences are chronicled on Chicago’s LTHForum website, mostly by Ron “Ronnie Suburban” Kaplan, who took the other side of the bet. Leah Zeldes summarized his month of pizza in an article for Dining Chicago.

For Scharoff, at least during the active period of the LTHForum thread, there seemed to be no adverse health effects, but that should not be taken as a recommendation to anyone else to eat only pizza for every meal.

The LTHForum thread includes a few references to other dedicated pizza eaters, including this HuffPost story about Claire Simmons, who at age 33 claimed to have eaten only pizza for the last 31 years, and this Baltimore Sun story about Dan Janssen, who had eaten pizza every day (but not for every meal) for 25 years.

Thursday 1 June 2017

Colour (Color) in

Nguồn tin:
Fill an area with colour/color
Đăng ký: Hoc tieng anh
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