Thursday, 8 June 2017

What will happen if I only eat pizza?


A normal pizza consists of:

  1. The base (either bread or any other flour)
  2. The sauce (it may either be plain tomato puree, or a mix of this and that. There’s no limitations to what can be added in the sauce)
  3. The toppings (again, there’s no limitations to what all can be added as toppings)
  4. CHEESE! (you can have one cheese pizzas or 100 cheese pizzas! YES they exist!)

Ashish Kulkarni :

Eating fast-food like Pizza made by Domino’s, or Pizza hut? You’ll probably be running your way to full blown obesity.

Eating authentic pizza like the Italians make and eat in their homes, totally fine. Might even be pretty healthy.

It all boils down to 2 things:

  • The crust. “Refined wheat flour” crusts will fatten you. Whole wheat, thin crust is pretty healthy.
  • Lots of veggies on top.

Do these 2 things and it can be perfectly normal.

Jacob Bear

I lived in Italy for 3 years and ate pizza practically every day. The rest of my diet was espresso, dark chocolate, and gelato. Never had a problem.

The secret? I always ate pizza topped with vegetables. Peppers, mushrooms, zucchini, and of course lots of tomatoes.

As long as you're getting enough protein and vitamins, you're probably ok eating just about anything.

Iker Chasco Llorente :

You will probably have malnutrition, meaning your body lacks necessary nutrients that it needs for its correct functioning.

Among these nutrients we can have vitamins, minerals and fiber, for example.

Pizza is generally a nutrient poor food, as it is made mostly with white refined flour for the mass and then tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese.

Even if you ate a nutrient rich food like green leaves or other vegetables or fruits, you could not live only on one kind of food, as no single food has all the vitamins and minerals needed by your body.

Therefore, it is best if you eat a varied diet that includes different fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, oils and meat/fish.

Joe Germuska :

In October, 2009, Craig Scharoff, known to the public as Pizza Boy set out to eat only sausage pizza for every meal for a month. His experiences are chronicled on Chicago’s LTHForum website, mostly by Ron “Ronnie Suburban” Kaplan, who took the other side of the bet. Leah Zeldes summarized his month of pizza in an article for Dining Chicago.

For Scharoff, at least during the active period of the LTHForum thread, there seemed to be no adverse health effects, but that should not be taken as a recommendation to anyone else to eat only pizza for every meal.

The LTHForum thread includes a few references to other dedicated pizza eaters, including this HuffPost story about Claire Simmons, who at age 33 claimed to have eaten only pizza for the last 31 years, and this Baltimore Sun story about Dan Janssen, who had eaten pizza every day (but not for every meal) for 25 years.


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