Monday 10 August 2020

045 – Stupid English grammar rules – is it OK to break them?

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The data is clear: some English grammar rules are stupid.

Is it ever OK to make a grammar “mistake” on purpose? Is it ever OK to know a grammar rule and break it anyway, even when you know that some people will strongly disapprove?

In this episode I talk about English grammar rules that (I and many people think) are stupid, and discuss whether or not it’s OK to break them. You’ll also hear a short extract from a podcast by Scott Adams, a well known cartoonist and professional writer, talking about breaking a grammar rule on purpose. His opinion might surprise you! And you’ll also learn the (somewhat vulgar and offensive) slang term douchebag, and hear a really great example of how it’s used in context.

“Hey Lori, what’s a douchebag?” I hear you asking. Listen to the episode and find out!

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You can find the full transcript of this episode online and as a downloadable PDF at

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